Bucket List

1. Write a bucket list 
2. Write a blog
3. Learn how to drive a manual car
4. Own a house
5. Scuba Dive
6. Scuba Dive in Maldives 
7. Pucca Shrine
8. Have two more kids or more 
9. One Bingo Afternoon
10. Watch Fall Out Boy concert and sing my heart out
11. Own a pair of Louboutins 
12. Do a makeup for a bride
13. Bake a Red Velvet Cupcake
14. Sky Diving
15. Bungee jumping
16. Rappelling from a mountain
17. Sing Karaoke on a stage
18. Backpacking!! Go to the airport and pick a random flight and go like in Yes Man!
19. Watch an NBA game live
20. Eat caviar  (It sucked!! Hahaha!!)
21. Learn German phrases
22. Cheer dance 
23. Win a Raffle
24. Fire a gun
25. Write a Piano piece
26. Calamansi Farm
27. Watch 2 movies back to back in cinema
28. Try Kopi Luwak coffee
29. Helicopter ride
30. Hold a chicken


  1. hey Krisella, I can help you out with some of your bucketlist :) E.g rapelling from a mountain ��

    1. Hi Khat, yes! You're the most adventurous person I know. We should do the rapelling soon.

  2. you should join me soon with my hikes :)