Gel Nail Polish at Cre8 Salon + 5 Things to Know Before Getting a Gel Nail Polish

All hail the cheapest gel nail polish in Metro Manila (or at least the cheapest I know). I literally laughed when Ate Merlie (my beautiful manicurist) told me that some finds PHP 598 (gel mani and pedi) expensive for a gel nail polish. I'm like whaaaat? Maybe they don't know how expensive gel nail polish are in other nail salons. It's normally PHP 700-800 for gel mani alone, and another PHP 900-1500 for the gel pedi. They'll even ask you to separately pay for the cuticle removal and cleaning for more or less PHP 300. 

I used to get the regular mani and pedi for PHP 250-300, and since I'm a clumsy one I usually chip the polish in less than 3 days. I wanted to try gel nail polish for the longest time, but I find it excessive to pay for more or less PHP 1,500 for nails. My life changed when a branch of Cre8 salon popped near our house. 

It started last December, and I've been doing it every month since. It's really addicting! With gel nail polish, you won't experience chipped nails anymore. If you'd like to try gel nail polish for the first-time, here are some tips and things that you should know:

1. You're gonna pay for the removal on your next visit. On your second visit, ready your wallet for an additional PHP 176 for the gel polish removal on top of your PHP 598. It is done by inserting each nail in a foil packet with the remover. After your nails absorbed the remover, the manicurist will use the nail file to smooth the nails. Then she will scrape the polish off of your nails, which brings me to number 2...

2. It can destroy the nail bed, so do it only once in a month. During my first visit, ate Merlie already told me that gel nail polish is recommended only once in a month. Since scraping your nails can damage the nail bed.

3. Nail file is your best friend. It's not all cupcakes and rainbows, because your nails will grow. Fast. The white growing nails will eventually show after more or less two weeks, depending on how fast your nails are growing. In my case, my hand fingernails grow so fast, but the ones on my feet are stubborn. What I do is I smooth the edges of the polish near the growing nail, so it's not very protruded until I wait for my next manicure.

4. Moisturize the nails. If you've decided to have gel nail polish monthly (like me), invest on a good nail cream. I've been using the Wild Fern's Manuka Honey Hand and Nail Conditioning Creme from Abu. Thank you so much Abu! It's really effective in hydrating the nails.

5. It's addictive. These photos were taken from my last visit and I have zero plans of stopping this addiction. Haha. I will have it all year round.

There are some hullabaloos over the LED lamps used in drying the gel polishes. Others think that it may cause cancer or skin ageing in the long run. I don't have the strongest of opinion about this yet, but until I read a concrete study about it, then maybe that's the time that I'll think twice about getting gels. But for now, I'm still enjoying how I can do laundry and dishes, even minutes after I get a gel manicure.

Cre8 Salon uses Orly GelFx Nail Polishes. The only downside is that they only have limited colors available. I already had the two Reds in this photo and the light Gray one. I'm eyeing the Blue one for my next visit. I hope Ate Merlie escalates my requests for Pinks, Greens, and a Glittery Gold. Hehe.

Overall, it pays to have good looking nails. I'm the kind of person who stares at someone's nails to judge personal hygiene, so I'm one to get conscious about it too. If you're like me, wanting to try Gel Nail Polishes for the longest time, Cre8 Salon is the place to be. I think it's the cheapest one out there. Also, their staff and manicurists are well-trained so fret not cos you're in good hands.

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