Love and Hate Relationship with theBalm Hot Mama! Shadow/Blush

Since I reviewed my other theBalm product last week, I thought why not follow it with a product from the same brand. I had a love and hate relationship with this blush since I purchased it almost a year ago. Considering that I had it since April last year, I should've used up even just half of it.

I bought it for less than PHP 800 at Beauty Bar.

Though I really like the shade, the tiny particles of shimmer clogged my pores on my first use that resulted to rough texture of my face. I didn't break out, but I noticed that a particular spot on my face had this rough, scab-like texture after a few days of usage. So I let it sit on my vanity kit for a few months. I was even considering selling it online, but I can't make myself do it cos I really like the shade and the pigmentation. 

After my face got better, I tried to use it again. Since the condition of my face was better (tighter pores), it did not clog my pores anymore. Now, I've been using it everyday and I love it. Also, I like that it's a blush and highlighter in one already.

I haven't tried it as an eyeshadow yet, and the thought of bringing it close to my eyes terrifies me because of the shimmery particles. I won't even try. 

Overall, it's a perfect blush! The color and pigmentation are perfect. I like pairing it with my striking lippies because it doesn't contradict the color. Just stay away from it if you have enlarged pores. theBalm have other really good looking shadow/blush shades. I watched Andi Manzano's 5-minute makeup vlog the other day, and she swears she's been using the shade "Cabana Boy" since she was in college. I'll definitely try that one next.

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