My 2017 Favorite Lippies + Christmas Haul

My 2017 Favorite Lippies
Okay, so my New Year's Resolution is to NOT BUY A MAC Lipstick for the whole year. Literally 90% (or more) of my lipstick purchases are from MAC. What the hell? I should've called myself "MAC Monster" instead. Lol. I'm not the type of beauty junkie who purchases the whole lipstick collection just to swatch and post everything. I just pick one or two shades that I know I will use and I'll judge the whole collection based on the formulation of that particular shade. (More like a budget-conscious junkie pala. Hehe) Obviously, I can't get over my favorite formulation from MAC which is the Amplified Creme. It's just the formula for my lips. I have fine lines so I need the hydration, but I'm obsessed about full lip coverage. 

(L-R) MAC Chatterbox, Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Punch Pop, MAC Rebel, MAC Cockney, MAC Pink Nouveau 
(My arm looks like a leg. Dafuq?)

I keep on repurchasing MAC Chatterbox (on my third tube already) because it's my comfort zone. I swipe it on my lips, and it's just me. It will always be that one lipstick that will never leave my bag. MAC Please Me (not in the swatch photo) is the other all-time favorite of mine. I always wear it whenever I'm wearing a bomb smokey-eye or when I'm going somewhere that I know I will take a lot of photos. Those two MAC shades will always be my staple tubes that I'll keep on repurchasing until I can't wear lipsticks anymore.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Punch Pop was a pasalubong from my Tita Myla. I saw one of my favorite vloggers wearing it on her video, so I was happy to have one too. The color payoff of this Pink lipstick is just intense! Layering it will make you look like you're wearing a neon lippie already. I think it's because of the primer mixed with the lip colour formula. The staying power is great too. I can eat a meal without getting worried about how it will look afterwards. 

I remember trying MAC Heroine in amplified creme formula before. This one I have here is in matte version. I wasn't updated on why they came up with a matte version last year, but I remember they have perfume counterparts too. I'll bet my money they're called Shadescents (?) -- Ha! I googled it and I was right! I have the Candy Yum Yum shadescent sample at home and it smells so sweet. I wear this MAC Heroine shade whenever I'm feeling bored with my Pink lipsticks. It's a pigmented Purple shade that adds a bit of attitude in your look without being too loud. I like it better in matte formulation because it gives more intensity to the color.

MAC Cockney is also a pasalubong that I got last year. I'm not a huge fan of the Lustre formulation because the pigmentation is limited and they do not hold very long on the lips. But what I love about this shade is how it makes you look like you're wearing a Red lipstick and a gloss at once.

MAC Pink Nouveau is becoming a candidate up there for my staple lippies. It's a subtle cotton candy Pink that I can wear whenever I'm feeling lazy. (That's why it's almost empty. Lol.) It's my second lipstick in Satin formula from MAC. The other one is the shade in Rebel. Satin formula feels a bit sticky compared to other MAC formulas, but the pigmentation and staying power can definitely top the others. 

So those were my 2017 favorites. I swear you won't see a single MAC lipstick in this blog for the whole year of 2018. I promise to try other brands and shades (other than Pink). Pasalubongs doesn't count though. Hehe. :)

Mumuso Double-Ended Highlighter Eyeliner
Mumuso Ultra Precious Thickening Mascara

Christmas Haul

I bought this Mumuso Double-Ended Highlighter Eyeliner while I was shopping for Christmas presents at Mumuso last December. My Maybelline eyeliner was running out so I grabbed this one. It's Php 140 which is not bad for the quality of this product. I'm just not sure why it has a "highlighter" on its name. It has two ends, a thick one and a thin one. The tip is easy to use, but I don't think it's waterproof. On the other hand, the Mumuso Ultra Precious Thickening Mascara was a gift from ate Ula. I really like the packaging, which is a shiny, chubby, Purple tube. Really cute! It's not thickening, but overall a decent mascara. I included it here since it's from Mumuso as well. Their lippies are good too. I remember purchasing a Pink shade two years ago and I really liked it.

theBalm TimeBalm Concealer

I purchased this theBalm TimeBalm Concealer from Beauty Bar in Eastwood last December and I can't stop using it. Seriously, I've been using it every single day. It just covers every single pore, vein, scar, undereye circle, etc. The staying power is great too. The application is the only somewhat neutral thing about it. It's not a creamy formula in a pan, so you have to swipe and pat more. But if you badly need a coverage that really holds, you have to try this one. Let me know if you want me to make a detailed review about this product.

Sephora Haul
They finally arrived! These are my Christmas gifts to myself. I purchased two Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks and the Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette. I also got three free samples from Sephora. I will review these really soon. I'm so excited!