Channel Rouge Coco in "Liason"

Oh wow! I can't believe it's been a year since I purchased this lipstick. It was a gift to myself for going out of my comfort zone. You know, I like rewarding myself whenever I feel like I accomplished a milestone. Purchasing this lipstick is another risk for me since I usually go for MAC because I already tried and tested that brand. Now that I mentioned it, I actually finished a couple of tubes just recently and I'm so happy about it (I'll post about it soon.) I haven't done much research before going to Chanel so I took advantage of being the only customer that time and swatched like crazy. I fell in love with the texture of this particular range "Rouge Coco". 

Liason is a shade in between Pink Salmon and Coral but leans toward nude Pink when applied. The texture is buttery that it glides like a dream while application. Though it is not that pigmented upon first swipe, it builds up really nice. This lipstick is great for daily use since it can pass as your daily MLBB shade.

Gosh I can't believe this was me a year ago! Hehe. So that was me wearing zero makeup, just the Channel Rouge Coco in Liason. The lowdown though is that some may find the flowery scent overpowering. I suggest you sniff it first will trying it on so you'll know if you will find it tolerable later on.

Overall, if you're planning to purchase your very first Chanel lipstick, I highly recommend the Rouge Coco range since it has the best formula there is. Other than the formula, it has the best packaging! I really really love the Chanel tubes. The magnetic closure and the weight of the product is really worth it. The packaging is a whole new experience itself already. I'm actually down to the last half of this lipstick. I swipe it on my lips whenever I feel fancy yah know.

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