Hiking and Camping at Mt. Mabilog + Swimming at Lake Pandin

Today, let me tell you about the second mountain that I climbed last November. This is a long overdue post but looking back, I think it is worth it. Mt. Mabilog has a height of 441 MASL. It is called Mt. Mabilog because of its rounded peak bounded by 2 towns of Laguna: San Pablo City and Nagcarlan. It is just a minor climb which has been rated with a difficulty of 1/9.

The trek is 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your strength and cardio. We made it in less than an hour. The assaults are just minor but the trail is muddy. So choose your trek shoes wisely!

Lake Pandin

The campsite is the summit itself. It is spacious so you don't have to worry about running out of space to build your tent. I didn't bring my phone which is a bummer since there's signal. There is no water source though so be sure to bring enough water. Mt. Mabilog offers view of three of the seven lakes of San Pablo. So imagine how cold the air gets at night! 

It was Me and Miggy's first hiking trip together. :)

Overall, I can recommend hiking at Mt. Mabilog for beginners who wants to experience hiking for the first time. The summit is rewarding even with just an easy trek. You will definitely enjoy swimming at lake Pandin as well. Fun!