Scrubbing Time With A Bonne Spa Milk Salt

My skin finally fully recovered from sun damage after my impromptu hiking trip last July. I am now back to my "pasty" complexion thanks to the Kojie San soap that I've been using every day. Usually, I don't notice the lightening of my skin until I see myself on a photo. Two days ago I was tagged on a Facebook photo and was mortified on how white I was then and there. Another factor that helped my skin recovery is my body scrubbing habit every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

I've been using this A Bonne Spa Milk Salt for my scrubbing time since I ran out of my Gluta-C body scrub last month. This product has always been in every supermarket with all its cute packaging in Pink, White and even with an image of a cow winking. The packaging screams "MILK" and the promise of whitening. Picking it up and placing it on my grocery cart was probably one of the best consumer decisions that I made in a while. Hey, it is worth it for just 99 pesos.

The Scrubbing Experience
The roughness of the salt needs some time getting used to but you can already feel the effectiveness after the first scrub. It removes dead skin cells instantly and leaves the skin glowing. My skin feels like a baby's skin after scrubbing, so smooth and soft! This scrub is not totally scentless, though it is not overpowering it is still there. After more than three weeks of usage, I guarantee that it is effective in lightening skin even in sensitive areas. As for the exfoliating, I did not experience any major exfoliation. The only downside though is that it can be too rough for some. I had a couple of minor gashes on my knees and elbows due to excessive scrubbing.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience and was satisfied with the results. I can see myself repurchasing this product until I find an even better one. This can be a bit harsh on the skin if you scrub too hard so be sure to be gentle. I highly recommend this scrub to those who are looking for an effective lightening and exfoliating product. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized too. Happy scrubbing!


  1. Looks so awesome, love the packaging! I like my scrub to be thick and rough.. that's ok for me since a scrub is not supposed to be used everyday so it won't damage the skin.. I definitely want to try that! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

    1. Yeah you should! This one's awesome. Everyone I know who tried it loved it.