Instagrammable Eats: Going Vietnamese at Ba Noi's

Vietnamese and Korean cuisines aren't really my thing. I will choose Sushi, Pasta or Steak anytime of the day. Great thing is that I am surrounded with relatives who like exploring different cuisines. Three weeks ago, mommy Toots celebrated her birthday. She mentioned purchasing a discount voucher online since she heard a lot of great feed-backs about this Vietnamese restaurant called Ba Noi's. 

Ca Phe (Vietnamese Coffee) - Php 120.00 
I will cut to the chase and mention my favorite first. This "Ca Phe" or Vietnamese coffee is the main factor that will make me frequent this place. The coffee flavor is beyond average but the more interesting factor is that you get to mix your own coffee. I was given this coffee filter (while it's still hot and dripping), a separate condensed milk, and a glass full of ice. The waiting (while dripping) was agonizing but once it is done, it's so much fun and worth it.

Ca Phe (Vietnamese Coffee) Instructions
Unfortunately, it was too late when I noticed the instructions hanging on the wall. The coffee was supposed to be added with the condensed milk then poured in the glass with ice. As expected I did something wrong. (Haha!) I poured the coffee in the glass with ice first, and then poured the condensed milk afterwards. I want to go back so I can do it properly next time. Hehe.

Goi Cuon - Php 195.00
This Goi Cuon or Spring Roll is made of pork, shrimp and vermicelli attractively rolled in rice paper served with their famous peanut sauce. It tastes fresh and appetizing, definitely healthy too! But the peanut sauce is what really made this spring roll all the more special.

Pho Ga - Php 230.00
Pho Ga is an excellent Pho with steaming hot chicken noodle soup. It is best enjoyed with their fermented soy bean paste and chili sauce. This soup is a nice treat for the cold weather though it is not independently flavorful when not seasoned with their spices.

Bo Luc Lac - Php 350.00
Now this Bo Luc Lac is the house favorite. It is made of stir-fried spiced beef served with fried basil. It is comparable to eating a steak from a high end restaurant. Well, only a bit healthier because of the fried basil. Haha. This one is cooked to perfection, definitely a must try!

Ba Noi's is an ideal place to play and be creative but at the same time satisfy your taste buds. Because of this dining experience, I finally got interested in exploring other Asian cuisines. The price is just reasonable for what they offer. If you're looking for a place to have a family lunch or dinner, I highly suggest Ba Noi's. Not only is their food tasty and reasonably priced, but the kids will surely enjoy as well.