Beauty UK Lip Vinyls

What in the world are Lip Vinyls? I have the same question since I got these from Project Vanity's Lipstick Confidential Game almost two months ago. I am unsuccessful when I tried searching lip vinyl's meaning online. So upon experiencing the product, I came up with my own definition: Lip Vinyl is a hybrid of lipstick and lip gloss.

Beauty UK Lip Vinyl no.1 in Pure Pasha |  Beauty UK Lip Vinyl no.2 in Ibiza
Last April, I reviewed the awesome Beauty UK lipsticks that came from the same brand, Beauty UK. Being impressed with the lipsticks, I have the highest of expectations with these lip vinyls. Find out if they keep up with my expectations after the jump.

SWATCHED: Beauty UK Lip Vinyl no.1 in Pure Pasha |  Beauty UK Lip Vinyl no.2 in Ibiza

Upon my first swipe, it is already evident that these lip vinyls glides smoothly during application. They're very pigmented too and even leaves stain after fading. It sticks for around 4-5 hours even with eating or drinking. Though with the lip gloss hybrid, it is surprisingly not sticky. I also love the packaging of this product. They're very handy and cute to tote around. The color of the vinyl is evident with the packaging already. The applicator is also nice since the product won't be wasted until the last drop because you can squeeze it all out. But the best thing about this product is the affordability. These lip vinyls retails for only Php 250 each!

LIP SWATCH: Beauty UK Lip Vinyl no.1 in Pure Pasha
(Le sickly, bloated no-makeup face.. 'cept for the lip vinyl)
These lip vinyls tends to transfer if you apply too much of the product. So you have to apply the thinnest application possible. Speaking of application, it is possible that you squeeze too much of the product from the tube. Another thing that bothers me is the scent. Some may find the floral scent overpowering. 

Overall, I have so much love for these lip vinyls. If you love lip glosses and crave more pigmentation, you have to try these! I have so much respect for Beauty UK products after trying these out. Beauty UK products are available at MakeupHolics. Have a great week ahead! 


  1. They look much more pigmented on the swatch than on your lips, but nonetheless Pasha looks great on you! I'm not confident I can pull off that same shade (with my freaky weird skin tone).

    1. I think it's because I applied the thinnest layer? Hey you can pull off an orange lippie effortlessly, I'm sure you'll do the same with this on. Ikaw pa! ;)