Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: Featuring My Sister

The last product that I have here from my Mini Revlon Haul over a month ago is my favorite Revlon Naked Nearly Foundation. I'm an NC 25 and this shade in 150 Nude is a perfect match for my skin tone. SPF 20 is a great component to have on a foundation this summer specially with the extreme heat in our country. I myself prefer using BB Creams during summer because they offer more sun protection than liquid foundations. But alas, here's a foundation with some SPF. Of course you still need to use some sun block beneath the foundie. So here are the stuffs that I love about my new favorite this summer.

Packaging. The first thing I noticed about this foundation is obviously the chic glass packaging and the white cap. I honestly think that it's really classy because it is just so simple but elegant. The lack of pump though is irritating because I cannot control the amount of product that I pour. Nevertheless, I love the presentation of this product and it's so refreshing to see it everyday on my vanity table.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Ingredients
Price. This product retails for Php 525 which is far from the price of those high-end brands such as Bobbi Brown and MAC. I think it's totally worth it since it works just as fine as those brands. Now I know what the hype is all about.

Shades. The shade selection of this foundation is quite impressive since there are six shades to swatch and try out there. You'll definitely find your match, I guarantee.

Coverage. The coverage of this formula is light to medium because it aims for the naked or natural look. It's build-able though, but I suggest using a brush while applying it since using only your fingers can result to uneven or blotchy results.

Longevity. I applied my sister's makeup around 12 PM and the graduation ended at around 8 PM and her makeup still looks good. Not bad, eh?

FACE SWATCH: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in 150 Nude
I did my sister's makeup on her graduation day and now she's repaying me by being featured her in my blog. Hi sister! :) The overall look is "nearly naked" but not quite. It's still obvious that she's wearing a foundation but the medium coverage did some justice about the all-natural attempt. Anyways, I really like this foundation! If you're on a budget, I think it's one of the best choices you have out there in the Philippine market. 


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    1. You changed your blog name pala.. Yay! I'm so excited for our hike on May 24! :D

  2. By the way congratulations to your newly graduate sister :)

  3. It lasted quite well judging from the photo :D!
    But I always get annoyed why Revlon cant put a pump and make thing easy :/

    Xo Denise

    1. Yes it did! :) That's my problem with this one too, I always pour too many products whenever I use it.