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Finally, this week is here! I am so excited about the posts that I prepared for the entire week. For the first entry, here are some of the lipsticks that I won from Project Vanity's Lipstick Confidential Game. I was so excited to try the Beauty UK brand because I haven't heard of it yet and I don't know what to expect. 

I got four shades: Sunrise, Son of a Peach, Pink My Ride, and Plumalicious.

SWATCHED: Sunrise | Son of a Peach | Pink My Ride | Plumalicious
The packaging is a plain matte black container with a glass peek on top to show the color of each shade. These are excess products as well that can be used if you prefer using lip brushes. I think the packaging is pretty simple and straightforward which is great and practical.

Formulation differs from each shade. While Sunrise and Son of a Peach are mattes, Pink my Ride and Plumalicious are much creamier. Pigmentation is inconsistent between the shades as well. I find Sunrise and Son of a Peach less pigmented compared to Pink my Ride and Plumalicious. Nevertheless, all the shades have great longevity. They last up to 4-5 hours without eating or drinking.

Read on! Lip swatches ahead.. 

LIP SWATCH: Beauty UK Lipstick in Sunrise
I took these lip swatches when I was sick with fever and cold. I'm so sorry for the red nose and bare, sick face. Yep, this is my bare naked face with only lipstick on. Sunrise is very intimidating in the tube but upon wearing it, the shade is really flattering. It is an orange-almost nude shade that resembles the sunset. Now I know where the name came from! I think it's a really romantic color. In the other hand, I didn't take a photo of myself wearing Son of a Peach because it washes me out. The last thing I need is to look more sick than I already am.

LIP SWATCH: Beauty UK Lipstick in Pink my Ride
Pink my Ride is my kind of loud and striking pink! If I were to choose from all the four shades, I will definitely go for this one because it is so me. I've always been the girl who wears a bright pink lipstick everyday like it's my natural lip color. I actually have a boss from the U.S. who calls me "Ms.Pink" because of my bold lipstick choices. Haha. Pink lipsticks just never fail to brighten my day. So if you think you're like me, Pink My Ride is for you. :)

LIP SWATCH: Beauty UK Lipstick in Plumalicious
Wearing Plumalicious is really liberating. I've worn the brightest of Pinks and the darkest of Reds before but never Plum. It's close to wearing a Purple or Violet already so there's this doubt with this kind of color because you'll never know if it fits you unless you wear it. I think it's not that bad on me, right? What do you think?

Overall, I think Beauty UK Lipsticks rocks! Though you should carefully choose a shade (avoid Son of a Peach), I think they're crazy pigmented and worth checking out. They're affordable as well for only Php 380.00 each. Beauty UK Lipsticks are available at MakeupHolics Online Store. Again, thank you Ms. Liz of Project Vanity for sharing your blessings through this awesome giveaway. 

What do you think?

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  1. I love Plumalicious, but currently is out of stock :(