Shiseido International Beauty Fair

For 142 years, Shiseido is one of the oldest cosmetics company in the world that offers the best skin care and cosmetics products. The company is known to promote Natural Beauty and beautiful glowing skin. Last week, I was invited to attend the first ever Shiseido International Beauty Fair here in Manila and I was delighted to know more about the brand that I've always admired since I started experimenting with makeup. Now I want to share with you the techniques that I learned from the workshops and how it changed the way I think about skin care.

Momoko Ishibashi is the beauty consultant who flew all the way from Tokyo Japan for this fair. She have 9 years of experience in makeup and skin care to date. I am in awe of her passion and eagerness to share her knowledge with beauty. 
The first workshop is the Radiant Glow look. According to Momoko-san, it is important to have a radiant glow for the skin to have clarity and radiance without dullness. This glow also offers a brighter complexion that is full of vitality. It is important to have a skin that is healthy which glows from within. I was personally expecting a makeup workshop alone from this fair. Shiseido focuses more on skin care rather than the makeup you apply above the surface because they believe that a healthy skin is the best canvass you can have in applying makeup.

Momoko-san began the process by removing the impurities from Robin's face using the Shiseido gentle cleansing cream. According to her, you should use two pieces of cotton to remove your makeup or any other impurities. You only need a small amount of this product which you can measure using a one peso coin. The amount of product you pump should be as big as the coin and you should distribute it on the five important parts of your face namely the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. The direction of spreading the product should be from the center of the face outward. This product moisturizes your face at night and prevents dryness during day time. 

The second workshop is the Summer Glow which is modeled by Kat of Kikay si Kat. Since it's summer time once again, Shiseido is offering their Suncare makeup collection which has sunscreen-infused base to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays while covering skin imperfections. There are two types of Ultraviolet rays namely the Type A and Type B. The type A is the one you acquire from any direction but doesn't really penetrate your skin. On the other hand, the type B is the kind that focuses in only one direction but penetrates deeper on your skin which is really harmful. 

Fifteen minutes of exposure under the sun can cast dark spots already, so it's important to use sun protection when you're exposed for longer period of time. This is where Shiseido's Suncare makeup comes in handy. The Suncare foundation offers a 360 degree protection that is made available in stick, liquid of even powder. It lasts on your skin for 12 hours which penetrates deep so it doesn't easily get eliminated when you're doing water activities. It's water-resistant as well!

The last workshop that I attended is the Timeless Glow. In this workshop, Momoko-san focused with the Future Solution LX which is a premium skincare collection that fights the aging signs and resists future skin damage. 

Shiseido Future Solution LX

Other than the workshops, there were a lot of fun activities in the fair. There's a photo booth, free cupcakes and drinks, nail art booth, skin consultation and even a makeover area! Though I haven't tried the skin care consultation because I was wearing makeup, I was so impressed on how the program works. It basically scans the area of your face where you tend to oil a lot and have bigger pores. It will show you what you have to improve to attain a healthy facial skin.

Free Cupcakes and Drinks anyone?

Nail Art Booth

Skincare Consultation

Makeover Time! It was my first time to try the Shiseido Gentle Cleansing Cream and it is so effective. I was wearing heavy makeup that day and it removed most of what I'm wearing in just one swipe. It smells so good too! 

On My Face:
Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB Cream
Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Compact in Deep Brown (used as eyeliner as well)
Shiseido BR709 Sable Shimmering Cream Eye Color
Shiseido Makeup Perfect Mascara
Shiseido Face Color Enhancing Trio
Shiseido Lacquer Gloss in VI708 (Phantom)

with Momoko Ishibashi

Thank you so much Shiseido for inviting me to this super fun beauty fair! I learned that skin care is more important than any cosmetics product since you'll need less makeup if you have great skin already.


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