Nivea Body Milk Whitening Cell Repair and Protect Lotion

Remember my post weeks ago about Nivea's Intensive Moisture body milk? Well here's another lotion from the same brand that I tried just to see if it works as fine. I've been obsessing about lotions recently because I am experiencing drying due to the cold season later last year. So I see to it that I focus more on skin care rather than my make up obsession this year.
This body milk promises to whiten and strengthen skin by revealing the fairer skin tone with the help of Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry extracts. I did not experience any dramatic whitening in two weeks but the moisturizing factor is evident. Compared to the Intensive moisture body milk, this one is a tad richer in terms of texture. It's creamier and it takes a while to absorb. There's this faint scent of cherry that some may find overpowering. As for the price this is more expensive with the price tag of Php 203.00 compared to the Intensive Moisture which only sells for Php 150.00. Those are both for the 250 ml worth of products by the way.

Overall, this is a promising product because of its whitening content but if you're after the moisturizing factor and in a budget just go for the intensive moisture instead. After all, this season is not the best time for whitening because it's summer already. Hello sunblock!! :)

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