Instagrammable Eats: Valentine's Date at Red Kimono

Me and Migs have been working at U.P. Ayala-Land Technohub for almost three years now and we tried almost if not all restaurants in the place. Last Valentine's day we were planning to go out for dinner somewhere but overheard that the traffic is unforgiving. We decided to choose a restaurant inside Technohub instead. I noticed that we haven't tried Red Kimono and remembered my colleagues warning that their food are really pricey. 

I had a Classic Milk Tea (Php 85.00) for my drink while Migs had Caramel Milk Tea (Php 100.00). Their Classic Milk Tea is just okay. It's not that sweet and you can taste the tea in it but the water is too much. Their Caramel Milk Tea though is better. It has the right amount of caramel flavor and sweetness. I think I'll order Caramel next time. The serving is quite small too. This is their standard size but it just looks like the regular size of cup in other milk tea shops.

I had Chicken Teriyaki (Php 360.00) for dinner. The taste is good but it's not the best I've tried so far. It's the usual Teriyaki style I tasted at Teriyaki Boy. So my wallet cried a bit for paying Php 360 for this when I could have paid 200+ somewhere else. The potato flosses though is quite innovative and I like it.

Miggy had Salmon Teriyaki (Php 395.00) which I think is (again) a good choice. I love how it's really tasty and cooked outside but it's really tender and soft inside. The salad side dish is a winner too. This one I think is worth it with its price.

Our first dessert was Red Kimochi Ice Cream (Php 130.00). What I love about Red Kimono's desserts is that they are not sweet and they have unique choices. This Kimochi ice cream has the right amount of sweetness and Vanilla taste which is really good when mixed with the chocolate syrup and nuts that comes with the plating.

Another dessert that we tried is this Mango and Green Tea Panna Cotta (Php 130.00). The green tea taste is so rich and creamy and made even better when mixed with mango slices. I love it! I will totally come back for this. :)

I would recommend dining at Red Kimono if you want to satisfy your taste buds more than your tummy. In terms of main courses, there's a lot of cheaper Japanese restaurants that offers the same satisfaction like Tokyo Bubble Tea. The desserts though are quite remarkable because they offer unique variety. Their food is really yummy but it's true that their pricing is overpriced. Overall, I think I will come back for the desserts and their Milk Tea but not for the main course.