Instagrammable Eats: Outback Steakhouse Libis Experience

Being steak lovers, it's a dream come true for me and my better half to finally dine at Outback Steakhouse. We've been planning to try it but the steep pricing is setting us back. One afternoon we just decided to go for it and we enjoyed every bit of the experience. 

As for the interior, the place reminds me so much of True Blood's Merlotte's Bar and Grill. From the booth to the wooden furnishing, it's amazing that they integrated foreign atmosphere for the whole customer's experience.

Upon ordering, they gave us this complimentary french bread with a white butter dip. The texture is so soft and the bread is so yummy.

(L-R)Sparkling Citrus Cooler(Php165); Cherry Limeade (Php 165)

We entered knowing all about the food that we're about to order but we're not prepared about the drinks. They recommended these non-alcoholic version of Sparkling Citrus Cooler and Cherry Limeade. Refreshing!

Cherry Limeade

Sparkling Citrus Cooler

 Baby Back Ribs (Php 669)
I ordered this Baby Back Ribs because I saw reviews online and craved for it. It was fine but I think it's not worth it for Php 700. I had other Baby Back Ribs similar to this one selling for half of this one's price.

8 oz. Wood-fired Outback Special Sirloin in medium rare (Php 999)

BEST STEAK WE'VE EVER TASTED (so far). I regret not ordering this steak or any other steak on the menu. This is by far the BEST (emphasis) steak we've tasted and the highlight of our dining experience on this restaurant.

Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (Php 329)

This Chocolate Thunder from Down Under is described as "the dream of every chocolate lover". I think it's true to its word and it met all our expectations. The whip cream on top is not your ordinary cream. It's sweet and creamy but not overpowering, but what I love most is the texture. The Vanilla ice cream is the usual type you encounter while the brownies is hot and it melts in your mouth. When all three are combined, the taste is phenomenal and you'll surely enjoy each spoonful.

Overall, though this dining experience damaged our wallet, we can say that we enjoyed every bit of the experience. The service was incredibly fast and the crew were so kind and attentive. We're coming back to try out more on their menu!

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Outback Steakhouse
35 E. Rodriguez Jr.Libis, Quezon City(02) 634-3801