MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is one of the most reviewed and raved product. It has been on my list for more than two years and I wasn't purchasing it because of mixed reviews and the hefty price. But I know that this curiosity must end. So I purchased without any second thought. Is it worth it?

Honestly, 70% of the reason why I bought it is because of the sleek and sophisticated MAC packaging. It may sound obnoxious but I have always imagined what it feels like to tote around a MAC foundation in a public restroom or even a public place. I already tried it and it feels so worth it already! HA! This is the best privilege of buying a high-end brand that you can never experience with drugstore ones. 

I just mentioned that the packaging is so sleek and sophisticated that makes it so awesome to tote around.
Buildable Coverage. 
The coverage is medium to full so it's recommended from morning to evening wear.
Covers Imperfections. 
It covers the right amount of imperfections such as darkening and uneven skin tone.
Hygienic Packaging. 
I rarely see packaging that separates the sponge from the product so it's a thumbs up for me.
No breakouts. 
A lot of users broke out from this product, but luckily I did not. 
Shade Match. 
The best thing about MAC foundation is that they have a wide range of shades to choose from. I have always guessed that I'm around NC 25 or NC 30 and I was right! The MUA on the counters will suggest the shade that best suits your complexion. Since I'm acidic, they suggested that I go for NC 25 since my face will tend to darken a bit. You can do some shade match testing by applying the product on your jaw and see to it that it matches you neck.

Very Expensive. 
I regret big time that I didn't purchase it sooner. This product now costs a hefty Php 1,800 here in the Philippines. It gets pricier and pricier each year. Two years ago, I read a blog that says it's just Php 1,600 and last year it went up another 100. So if you want to try this product, go for it now!
Oil-Control SUCKS! 
This is the ultimate down-side of this product. My T-Zone and eyelids are the oiliest part of my face and this product didn't do any justice about it. After an hour, it's like the oil oozes out of my skin. I still have to blot endless while using this.
No SPF. 
It doesn't have any SPF so you'll have to apply sunblock first before using it so you won't burn from the sun

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC 25

Overall, this product has its ups and downs. If you're looking for a product that will do something about your oily skin and have great skin ingredients, skip this one. This product isn't made for sensitive skin as well, I'm just lucky but a lot broke out from this. There's a lot of greater product out there but as I said, I just like to feel what it's like to have a high-end brand to tote around. I do not regret purchasing it, but I won't buy it again though. :)


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