Bobbi Brown x Lush Angel Make-up Workshop

Last Friday I was shocked when my office mate told me that I was on the list of the invited participants of Lush Angel x Bobbi Brown Makeup workshop happening the very next day. I was too busy to check my reading list for the last couple of days because Mika is here in Manila for our Halloween party. So I made a rush decision and sent my RSVP. So, this is the first photo that I took from the store because I was too shy to roam around. Hihi. Anyway, bear with me because I think I only took 5 photos and I'm having a hard time with Mig's iPhone because my own smartphone isn't available. The interior of the store is really cozy and this chandelier and the couch underneath is the best thing about it.

This is Ms. Angel Napomuceno of Lush Angel. She's the blogger who invited us for this workshop. It's so surreal to finally meet her because I've been admiring her blog since I first read it! I love her simple but classy outfit posts and of course, she's really pretty that's why I enjoy her product reviews. Her aura is very welcoming and she just laugh and smile all the time. :)

This is Ms. Jill, I took a photo of her while she's explaining about Bobbi Brown products. I love her dress!

Noel taught us how to do the basic 10-Step Beauty.

Here's the makeup artist Noel and his model Tammy. I learned a lot of makeup tips that day but I saw something else: Passion. This may sound cheesy but I'm so jealous of Noel. He earns money while he does something he's passionate about. I don't think he even feel that he's working.. I made a mental note to do some passion/career check sometime. 

I got a Smokey Eye Mascara and lip gloss sample which I'm very excited to use and I got the Bobbi Brown card which I can use anytime. Though I didn't finish the workshop because Mika is crying outside already, I'm very thankful to be able to attend it. Thank you so much Ms. Angela and Bobbi Brown for this workshop! :) 


  1. Sayang I missed this event. I also had Wacoal Event at the same date and time. I could have meet you in person :-) Also a big fan of Bobbi Brown Makeup and Lush Angel :-)

    1. Hi Ms. Rochelle, I saw you nga po sa list.. I was so excited to meet you pa naman! Oh well.. I know I'll meet you in person one of these days. :)