Pond's White Beauty Pinkish White Day Cream

A couple of weeks ago I had two huge bumps on my face that may be caused by trying new products or the mercurial weather change. I am not sure about the cause but it's bugging me because I rarely had a pimple since I surpassed my teenage years. I opted on changing my facial skin care routine by going back to using Defensil and using this relatively new Pond's product. The result? Continue reading! 

Since I'm running out of Pond's Naturals Day Cream in Camellia Leaf Extract, I bought this instead to try something new and somewhat change my facial skin care habit. It claims to not only whiten but also nourish your skin to give you a pinkish white glow from the inside out. It also has Pro-Nutrients and Lycopene. 


Here's the result! In this picture I'm only wearing Pond's White Beauty Pinkish White Day Cream, Johnson's Baby Loose Powder, a Coral blush and my favorite Mac lippie. See the dark spots between my eyes and below my lips? Those were the humongous pimples that conquered my face for a week. After a week of using this Pond's product, it miraculously dried out and lighten the spots. 

Overall, I recommend this product to those with stubborn dark spots and pimples. It's also effective in lightening your facial skin and making it even. The only downside of this product is that it doesn't contain any SPF, you still have to apply sunblock if you're planning to have fun under the sun. It doesn't have oil control as well. But I've been a fan of Pond's since my college years so I know that it's really a pro in terms of whitening. 

What do you think?


  1. sis meron paba available nito ngayun? same na same tayo ng situation gumaling din ung mga cystic pimples ko dito.kaso wala ako mabili nyan ngaun Buti may stock ako worried ako baka out of stock na to :( what do u think?

    1. i mean mali worried ako baka FACE OUT NA TO??

    2. Hi Joanna, I just checked at Watsons yesterday while I was shopping for toiletries. It's still available! :)