My First Haul Post at Watsons

Everybody loves browsing products from Watsons right? I'm one of those people who spends an hour browsing through their products and comparing prices and effectiveness before buying something. So last Friday was Payday, me and Migs have this habit of eating somewhere and shopping for toiletries whenever our salaries arrive. So I'm sharing with you what we got this time. I was actually debating with myself if I should do a haul post but since I already took some pictures then I'm so doing it! Here it goes.

(L-R) Head and Shoulders Cool Blast Shampoo, Head and Shoulders Cool Menthol Condition, Pantene Color & Perm Lasting Care Conditioner, Pantene Color & Perm Lasting Care Shampoo, Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color in Balinese Brown
Hair Products. Here are the hair products that me and Migs purchased. Migs is loving Head and Shoulders nowadays because it makes his hair soft and it smells good. I bought these Pantene Color and Perm Lasting Care shampoo and conditioner because I'm planning to color my hair with this Kolours hair coloring product. A D.I.Y. hair coloring post maybe? :)

(L-R) Defensil Pimple Defense Soap, Royale L-Gluta Power whitening soap, Kojie San Face and Body soap for men, Kojie San  lightening soap
Soaps. I know I've been raving about Defensil for the longest time but I just can't get enough of how effective it is. It will always be my number one pimple defense soap. Royale L-Gluta Power soap is not exactly from Watsons but I thought I'll include it here to give you a heads up of what you should expect for my next post. Kojie San is still the body soap that we're using.

(L-R) Toothbrush, Foot Scrub, Pond's White Beauty Day Cream, Exfoliating Foot Mask, Giggles Baby Wipes
Others. Here are the other stuffs that we need. Migs bought the toothbrush, scrub and exfoliating foot mask because his palms are exfoliating due to the healing blisters from his hand foot and mouth disease. I got my usual purchase which is Pond's Day cream and Giggles wet wipes.

For every Php 1,200 worth of Watsons purchase you can get 2 pieces of this thermal thingy towel if you purchase a product that is on the promo list. Luckily, Pond's day cream is included so I got the chance to have this towel. I haven't tried them though.

What did you purchase on you last haul?

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