Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow

My lips were chapping, cracking, and bleeding two weeks ago. So I decided to try this less than Php 90 balm since I'm out of budget because of all the antibiotics that we have to purchase. I only used this for a couple of days and all the lip problems were gone.

In terms of packaging, it is too cute! I admit it's the first thing that caught my eyes before checking it out and buying it. It's neon pink and I love seeing it in my pouch. So cute!

For less than 90 pesos you get this much of a product! It smells great too. It's flavored with mixed berries, but the blueberry scent stands out most. It is quite pigmented compared to other lip balms and I love how faint the color is, because it looks really natural! Overall, I like this product so much! I'll try the other flavors as well.

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