Daiso Long Lash Mascara

It feels so great to be remembered while your friends are on a vacation. That is exactly what happened to me while my friend and office mate Dang was at Singapore last week. I did not expect anything more than a Singapore key chain, but she also gave me this Daiso Long Lash Mascara. It may be inexpensive but it means a lot to me. Thanks to the most thoughtful couple Dang and Jay! (They even buy me milk tea whenever I feel sad. That's how thoughtful they are.) 

- Super cute packaging. Need I say more? It's a barbie pink container with polka dots and little bow.
- Informative packaging. It includes: ingredients and suggested application
- English description. The product may be made from Korea but they see to it that everything is translated in English which is really considerate. :)
- Doesn't smudge
- Long lasting
- Inexpensive. I browsed online and learned that it's only $2 (less than Php 100)

- Scent. There's this vinegary mascara scent
- Formula is quite sticky

Daiso Long Lash Mascara on my right eye (Please disregard my brows)
Overall, how can you complain about any negative thing about this product with its price? It's a decent mascara that delivers what it's supposed to do with the additional English translation of ingredients. Really, I won't ask for more and I swear I'll hunt this brand if I'm given the chance to go to Singapore or any other country that sells Daiso. 

Daiso is now available here in the Philippines! Yay!

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