Mac Matte Lipstick in Ablaze

Mac Matte Lipstick in Ablaze
Mac Lipstick in Ablaze

I have always been a fan of unique but wearable shades. Whenever I'm looking for a lipstick, I always consider that it must be something that I've never seen before and not easily dupable. While I was browsing through an online shop that I trust, I noticed that they still have this limited edition Mac Fashion Sets 2013 Matte Lipsticks collection, and remembered that I once fell in love with this Watch Me Simmer-like shade called "Ablaze". Luckily, they still have some stock. 

Mac Lipstick in Ablaze Swatch 
Mac Ablaze is described as bright orange with red undertones but on me it seems to have this dark pink undertones. I think it's because of my complexion but I would really love to see a morena (Filipina with tan complexion) wear this. I think it'll be so stunning!

1. Statement Lipstick. It's a head-turner when you're wearing it! It's a great summer shade that I regret not buying during the season. 
2. Unique. As I mentioned it's not easy to find a dupe for this one and you can rarely see a shade like it.
3. Longevity. I love that it's matte and true to it's word that it stays longer than other formulas.
4. Texture. Application is easy because of the texture. That's how I can compare Mac products with other drugstore brands. Despite this product being matte, it is still easy to apply and the coverage is full.

Limited Edition. I was so lucky to still find this one sitting on an online shop. But I know like any other limited edition shades, this one will be extinct in no time. Uggh! I still can't get over Party Parrot and Watch Me Simmer. I still want them so bad.. :(

Mac Matte Lipstick in Ablaze on me --
On the way to the office on a Sunday to help my hubby for a  deadline tomorrow!

Mac Ablaze still kicking after lunch!!

Mac Ablaze on me--
After 4 hours of office works, Twinings tea and some chips #haggard
Overall, if you're a gal who's got the balls to wear unique bold colors you should buy this because it's a rare one and you'll absolutely love it! As always, I still believe that buying a Mac lippie for Php 1,000 is worth it. Unlike any other brands, you'll wear it until the last drop and their shades never disappoints. As for me, I love it too much and I'm so happy I made the right decision on purchasing it. :)

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