Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion

As you all expected from my previous post, I'll be doing a series of reviews with the products that I got from The Beauty Junkee's 4th Year Anniversary Mega Thanksgiving. This product is the first one that I used among the others. I skip on using my usual makeup remover which is The Body Shop's Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover to try this one.

How to use Bifesta Cleansing Lotion
Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion

It comes with a pump lock

1. Easily available. You can find Bifesta in Rustan’s, Shopwise, Landmark and Watsons.
2. Affordable. For Php 419 you get a whole bottle of product.
3. Effective. You can compare this product to the quality of a high-end product such as Bioderma.
4. Pump Lock. This avoids you from accidentally wasting any amount of product.
5. No weird scent.
6. It doesn't sting my eyes

The only thing I didn't absolutely like is the pump. When I first pumped it, it squirted like crazy! You need to learn how to control the pressure you apply in pumping the thing. But it's no biggie. 

Overall, I am totally loving this remover. I think I'll switch to this one after finishing my current makeup remover. It cleans so well that whenever I use my toner, I can't see any dirt from my face anymore. It is that effective! You should try this one. It's cheap and effective!


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