Etude House Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips #3

Php 398
Etude House Eastwood City Walk
RATING: 6 /10

I bought this lip product last May when I was suffering with 'Tangerine Addiction' which is very obvious on my Pinterest Account. I thought Sandara Park looked so cute on her commercial for this collection. I just have to pay for her cuteness! LOL.

Here's the swatch:

~ Elegant Packaging. 
~ SCENT. It is so addictive! I can eat it! 
~ It glides while you apply it. 
~ pigmented Tangerine!

~ TOO glossy for my taste..
~ doesn't last long
~ It's expensive for a lip gloss!! I can buy a Maybelline lipstick with that price tag!
~ You can't read the product details because it's in Korean.
~ you have to put off an extra effort in twisting the container before the product pops out 
~ my lips dried after several usage.

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