TREND ALERT!! Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks in Midnight Wasabi and Candy Venom

A fellow lipstick lover friend of mine and I were talking about Blue and Green lipsticks just a month ago. We realized that we never gave them a try. Since we are nearing our thirties, I think we should already. (Cos medyo hindi na cute pag super tita vibes na. Haha.) We kept on tagging each other on Instagram posts from Rihanna, with photos of her wearing funky lipstick shades such as: Blue, Green, Lavender etc. And my gosh, she looks stunning in any lip color. How to be you, Riri?? HOW?

It's Fenty Beauty! She's been killing it lately with all her releases. I watched a lot of reviews on YouTube, and what I love about her creations is that she prioritizes giving shades that fits every single skin tone. Giiirl, there's a million of skin tones out there, but yeah, she's giving it a try. I heard the foundation is just okay, but the match sticks are a must-have. I was actually eyeing the Kilawatt Freestyle highlighter in "Trophy Wife", but after seeing reviews that it doesn't fit the fair skin, again I skipped. Fast-forward to the Gloss Bomb and Stunna Lip Paint. Those were really good-looking lippies but I kinda still feel underwhelmed about them. I feel like the Gloss Bombs don't have the pigmentation that I want in my standard lippies. While the Stunna Lip Paint has this bomb packaging that I would really love to have, it only offers one shade that is Red. I skipped all those collections all-together. Then finally, Fenty Beauty and Rihanna were releasing these matte goodness! 

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks has 14 shades with really funky names. 
All moods, all skin tone, all day!: 
- Ma'Damn (Royal Red)
- Spanked (Dusty Rose)
- Candy Venom (Electric Pink)
- Saw-C (Exotic Tangerine)
- Up 2 No Good (Nude Peach)
- S1ngle (Blushing Nude)
- Freckle Fiesta (Spiced Terracotta)
- Shawty (Warm Chestnut)
- PMS (Moody Brown) -- (I almost chose this just so I can wear it during that time of the month. Haha.)
- Midnight Wasabi (Wicked Green)
- Ya Dig?! (Periwinkle Blue)
- Clapbak (True Navy)
- One of the Boyz (Wild Lilac)
- Griselda (Bold Burgundy)

Rihanna loves changing up her lipstick depending on her current mood, so she wanted to create a lipstick collection that would empower everyone to explore new looks. She hand-picked the range of 14 shades that anyone can pull off, with shade names that embody the personality of each color.

My 2017 Favorite Lippies + Christmas Haul

My 2017 Favorite Lippies
Okay, so my New Year's Resolution is to NOT BUY A MAC Lipstick for the whole year. Literally 90% (or more) of my lipstick purchases are from MAC. What the hell? I should've called myself "MAC Monster" instead. Lol. I'm not the type of beauty junkie who purchases the whole lipstick collection just to swatch and post everything. I just pick one or two shades that I know I will use and I'll judge the whole collection based on the formulation of that particular shade. (More like a budget-conscious junkie pala. Hehe) Obviously, I can't get over my favorite formulation from MAC which is the Amplified Creme. It's just the formula for my lips. I have fine lines so I need the hydration, but I'm obsessed about full lip coverage. 

(L-R) MAC Chatterbox, Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Punch Pop, MAC Rebel, MAC Cockney, MAC Pink Nouveau 
(My arm looks like a leg. Dafuq?)

I keep on repurchasing MAC Chatterbox (on my third tube already) because it's my comfort zone. I swipe it on my lips, and it's just me. It will always be that one lipstick that will never leave my bag. MAC Please Me (not in the swatch photo) is the other all-time favorite of mine. I always wear it whenever I'm wearing a bomb smokey-eye or when I'm going somewhere that I know I will take a lot of photos. Those two MAC shades will always be my staple tubes that I'll keep on repurchasing until I can't wear lipsticks anymore.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Punch Pop was a pasalubong from my Tita Myla. I saw one of my favorite vloggers wearing it on her video, so I was happy to have one too. The color payoff of this Pink lipstick is just intense! Layering it will make you look like you're wearing a neon lippie already. I think it's because of the primer mixed with the lip colour formula. The staying power is great too. I can eat a meal without getting worried about how it will look afterwards. 

I remember trying MAC Heroine in amplified creme formula before. This one I have here is in matte version. I wasn't updated on why they came up with a matte version last year, but I remember they have perfume counterparts too. I'll bet my money they're called Shadescents (?) -- Ha! I googled it and I was right! I have the Candy Yum Yum shadescent sample at home and it smells so sweet. I wear this MAC Heroine shade whenever I'm feeling bored with my Pink lipsticks. It's a pigmented Purple shade that adds a bit of attitude in your look without being too loud. I like it better in matte formulation because it gives more intensity to the color.

MAC Cockney is also a pasalubong that I got last year. I'm not a huge fan of the Lustre formulation because the pigmentation is limited and they do not hold very long on the lips. But what I love about this shade is how it makes you look like you're wearing a Red lipstick and a gloss at once.

MAC Pink Nouveau is becoming a candidate up there for my staple lippies. It's a subtle cotton candy Pink that I can wear whenever I'm feeling lazy. (That's why it's almost empty. Lol.) It's my second lipstick in Satin formula from MAC. The other one is the shade in Rebel. Satin formula feels a bit sticky compared to other MAC formulas, but the pigmentation and staying power can definitely top the others. 

So those were my 2017 favorites. I swear you won't see a single MAC lipstick in this blog for the whole year of 2018. I promise to try other brands and shades (other than Pink). Pasalubongs doesn't count though. Hehe. :)

Blair Liquid Matte Lipstick in "Cams" for New Year's Eve

Happy New Year! Finally, I found some motivation to write about lipsticks again! YAAASSS! Last holiday season, it was like the world was pushing me to blog again. Every single group of people that I hang out with was asking me about my blog. It's been years since I stopped blogging regularly, but they never forget. Thanks you guys! This post is for all of you. They even told me that I'm that one friend of theirs whom they tell their other friends about. They're like -- "Oh, I have that friend who blogs about makeup, let me look her up!" Lol. I even got some beauty products as Christmas presents. Thank you friends and family! This product was actually one of those presents that I received. 

I've been seeing a lot of instagram posts from celebrities using this liquid matte lipstick. They were promoting an online seller that exclusively sells this brand. But they sell it for a hefty 800 pesos. My mom got me this from her re-seller officemate for just 500 pesos. She even has a bundle sale where you can buy two for a lower price. If you're interested, you can visit her Carousell page here.

Blair Liquid Matte Lipstick in "Cams" SWATCHED by Lippie Monster
This photo is not just a swatch, it's also a warning sign that I'm going to be addicted to gel nail polish from now on. My Red nails in this photo are over a month old. It's still so freaking shiny and in full coverage after a month of me doing laundry and washing the dishes. Damn, they really are bullet proof. Lol.

So, here's the swatch for Blair Liquid Matte Lipstick in "Cams". The texture is as matte as it can be. Don't expect any hydrating forgiveness because it does not forgive. The longevity is just like my gel nail polish. I swear the term "Kiss Proof" is an understatement. If you don't remove it with a proper remover, it can last all day and night on your lips. I piled up a generous amount of petroleum jelly on my lips and rub it with some wipes just to remove it. It's effective to remove stubborn matte lippies that way. ;)

The color payoff is above expectations. I super love this particular shade. It's a very classy deep Red, that stands out especially when worn on a night event. That's the reason why I decided to wear it on New Year's Eve. I'm not Chinese but I wore Red top, Red nails, Red lips, Red everything for good luck. Hehe. (My Lola taught me well.)

The application is probably the only downside of this product. It took me 20 minutes to perfect the shaping of my lips on the outer corner. It dries so quickly that makes it hard if you swipe a little bit beyond. (Literal na walang hingahan talaga bes). What I did is I have cotton buds on my other hand to instantly swipe some smudges if I went a little too far.
Blair Liquid Matte Lipstick in "Cams" WHEN WORN by Lippie Monster
TADA! So this is my full face for New Year's eve wearing Blair Liquid Matte Lipstick in "Cams". I paired it with a dark smokey eye for my hooded eyes. Also, I highlighted my nose-line and the inner corner of my eyes with a highlighter, and that's it! (PAK! Akala mo naman pa-party, nag-prito lang naman ng Dynamite. Hahaha!) I hope you like this look as much as I enjoyed it. Again, happy new year and I wish you all the luck this year.

Channel Rouge Coco in Liason

Oh wow! I can't believe it's been a year since I purchased this lipstick. It was a gift to myself for going out of my comfort zone. You know, I like rewarding myself whenever I feel like I accomplished a milestone. Purchasing this lipstick is another risk for me since I usually go for MAC because I already tried and tested that brand. Now that I mentioned it, I actually finished a couple of tubes just recently and I'm so happy about it (I'll post about it soon.) I haven't done much research before going to Chanel so I took advantage of being the only customer that time and swatched like crazy. I fell in love with the texture of this particular range "Rouge Coco". 

Liason is a shade in between Pink Salmon and Coral but leans toward nude Pink when applied. The texture is buttery that it glides like a dream while application. Though it is not that pigmented upon first swipe, it builds up really nice. This lipstick is great for daily use since it can pass as your daily MLBB shade.

Gosh I can't believe this was me a year ago! Hehe. So that was me wearing zero makeup, just the Channel Rouge Coco in Liason. The lowdown though is that some may find the flowery scent overpowering. I suggest you sniff it first will trying it on so you'll know if you will find it tolerable later on.

Overall, if you're planning to purchase your very first Chanel lipstick, I highly recommend the Rouge Coco range since it has the best formula there is. Other than the formula, it has the best packaging! I really really love the Chanel tubes. The magnetic closure and the weight of the product is really worth it. The packaging is a whole new experience itself already. I'm actually down to the last half of this lipstick. I swipe it on my lips whenever I feel fancy yah know.

Tell me all about your first encounter with Chanel lipstick!

My First Scuba Diving Experience

Discovering life underwater has been in my bucket list for sometime now. Luckily, I got to strike it off of my list last summer. Clueless as I was, I didn't know that the experience was even more amazing than how I've seen it in photos. I must warn you as early as now that this post is photo-heavy. 

Last April, a colleague of ours invited us to try scuba diving at Anilao Batangas. The resort was called Dive and Trek and we were offered an all-in package inclusive of all the diving equipment, training, resort amenities, boat rides, lunch and unlimited coffee and drinks. The package was a lot more cheaper than the pricing we canvassed in Coron Palawan. If you're interested, you can visit their page on Facebook: Dive District

Overall, I can say that the experience was one for the books. It was worth every centavo since it's not every summer that you get to experience life underwater. The mere fact that I breathed tank oxygen for an hour still blows my mind whenever I think about it. Another exciting part of the experience was the preparation. I've no clue on how it's supposed to be so I was researching like crazy. I even researched "What to wear under your wet-suit". Thankfully, I saw Zalora's collection of swimwear. Zalora has a variety of available sexy and stylish swimwear. It's very helpful since most divers suggests wearing just swimsuits beneath the wet-suit when diving. 

Mt. Mabilog + Lake Pandin

Today, let me tell you about the second mountain that I climbed last November. This is a long overdue post but looking back, I think it is worth it. Mt. Mabilog has a height of 441 MASL. It is called Mt. Mabilog because of its rounded peak bounded by 2 towns of Laguna: San Pablo City and Nagcarlan. It is just a minor climb which has been rated with a difficulty of 1/9.

The trek is 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your strength and cardio. We made it in less than an hour. The assaults are just minor but the trail is muddy. So choose your trek shoes wisely!
Lake Pandin

The campsite is the summit itself. It is spacious so you don't have to worry about running out of space to build your tent. I didn't bring my phone which is a bummer since there's signal. There is no water source though so be sure to bring enough water. Mt. Mabilog offers view of three of the seven lakes of San Pablo. So imagine how cold the air gets at night! 

It was Me and Miggy's first hiking trip together. :)

Overall, I can recommend hiking at Mt. Mabilog for beginners who wants to experience hiking for the first time. The summit is rewarding even with just an easy trek. You will definitely enjoy swimming at lake Pandin as well. Fun!