Gel Nail Polish at Cre8 Salon + 5 Things to Know Before Getting a Gel Nail Polish

All hail the cheapest gel nail polish in Metro Manila (or at least the cheapest I know). I literally laughed when Ate Merlie (my beautiful manicurist) told me that some finds PHP 598 (gel mani and pedi) expensive for a gel nail polish. I'm like whaaaat? Maybe they don't know how expensive gel nail polish are in other nail salons. It's normally PHP 700-800 for gel mani alone, and another PHP 900-1500 for the gel pedi. They'll even ask you to separately pay for the cuticle removal and cleaning for more or less PHP 300. 

I used to get the regular mani and pedi for PHP 250-300, and since I'm a clumsy one I usually chip the polish in less than 3 days. I wanted to try gel nail polish for the longest time, but I find it excessive to pay for more or less PHP 1,500 for nails. My life changed when a branch of Cre8 salon popped near our house. 

It started last December, and I've been doing it every month since. It's really addicting! With gel nail polish, you won't experience chipped nails anymore. If you'd like to try gel nail polish for the first-time, here are some tips and things that you should know:

1. You're gonna pay for the removal on your next visit. On your second visit, ready your wallet for an additional PHP 176 for the gel polish removal on top of your PHP 598. It is done by inserting each nail in a foil packet with the remover. After your nails absorbed the remover, the manicurist will use the nail file to smooth the nails. Then she will scrape the polish off of your nails, which brings me to number 2...

2. It can destroy the nail bed, so do it only once in a month. During my first visit, ate Merlie already told me that gel nail polish is recommended only once in a month. Since scraping your nails can damage the nail bed.

Outfit Post: The Great Gatsby, 1920's Jazz

Last Saturday night, we had our company's Kick-off Party at World Trade Center Metro Manila. Every year, Acquire celebrates the start of the year with a bang! We had Nicole Asensio with the Amp Big Band as the first performer, followed by Jessy Mendiola's sizzling hot jazz dance number. KC Montero hosted the party, presenting every contestant for our dance competition, and the raffle winners. I didn't win any raffle prize that night, but I got to watch Up Dharma Down. Also, we had Morisette Amon and DJ Sam Pinto performed for the party! Guys, masaya sa amin, apply na kayo! Hahaha! I personally love the idea of the 1920s Jazz theme. Everyone was dressed to the nines!

Love and Hate Relationship with theBalm Hot Mama! Shadow/Blush

Since I reviewed my other theBalm product last week, I thought why not follow it with a product from the same brand. I had a love and hate relationship with this blush since I purchased it almost a year ago. Considering that I had it since April last year, I should've used up even just half of it.

I bought it for less than PHP 800 at Beauty Bar.

Hide Your Eye Bags using The Balm Time Balm Concealer

After posting my Christmas Haul two weeks ago, I received requests to review this concealer. (Nauumay na din daw sila sa puro lipstick. Haha.) Apparently, there are more people who cannot go out without a concealer on rather than lipstick. The eye bags probably tops the list of insecurities within the face area, together with the sparse eyebrows. You may eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and get a lot of sleep, but you can still have eye bags. I believe that genetics play a big role in it. It's in your genes girl, wala na tayong magagawa kaya daanin na lang natin sa concealer. In my case, I am one of the lucky few who has minimal baggies beneath the eyes. I have really thin facial skin, though, which makes my veins really visible. This has been me and my sister's problem since our teenage years. So we have to cover those.

As I mentioned, I purchased this theBalm Time Balm concealer at Beauty Bar in Eastwood last December. It's PHP 820 for 7.5g, but I also spotted it in Sephora for PHP 1,002. I think it's because Sephora has all the shades, while Beauty Bar only has 3 to 4 shades available. Luckily, "Light/Medium" shade fits my skin tone. This shade fits the warm undertones with fair to light skin.

The concealer pot comes with a tiny white sponge that I tried retouching with. Though I prefer using my ring finger (cos it's the finger with the lightest touch) for application, the white sponge is more hygienic. You just have to make sure that you wash it regularly. The clear plastic pot is what bothers me since I'm really clumsy. I might crack it when I accidentally drop it one day. 

It's like butter whereas the texture is hard when you took it from the refrigerator. But with some swirling and pressing, it eventually becomes softer to apply. You should try the technique that I learned from watching Patrick Starr's YouTube videos. He sets his concealer! It's like baking, but using a concealer instead. He believes that it makes the concealer last longer, which I tried by the way and it works!

The coverage is medium, but definitely not light which is good for daily use. The staying power is superb by the way. I usually apply it in the morning before going to work and it still looks untouched when I got home.

TREND ALERT!! Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks in Midnight Wasabi and Candy Venom

A fellow lipstick lover friend of mine and I were talking about Blue and Green lipsticks just a month ago. We realized that we never gave them a try. Since we are nearing our thirties, I think we should already. (Cos medyo hindi na cute pag super tita vibes na. Haha.) We kept on tagging each other on Instagram posts from Rihanna, with photos of her wearing funky lipstick shades such as: Blue, Green, Lavender etc. And my gosh, she looks stunning in any lip color. How to be you, Riri?? HOW?

It's Fenty Beauty! She's been killing it lately with all her releases. I watched a lot of reviews on YouTube, and what I love about her creations is that she prioritizes giving shades that fits every single skin tone. Giiirl, there's a million of skin tones out there, but yeah, she's giving it a try. I heard the foundation is just okay, but the match sticks are a must-have. I was actually eyeing the Kilawatt Freestyle highlighter in "Trophy Wife", but after seeing reviews that it doesn't fit the fair skin, again I skipped. Fast-forward to the Gloss Bomb and Stunna Lip Paint. Those were really good-looking lippies but I kinda still feel underwhelmed about them. I feel like the Gloss Bombs don't have the pigmentation that I want in my standard lippies. While the Stunna Lip Paint has this bomb packaging that I would really love to have, it only offers one shade that is Red. I skipped all those collections all-together. Then finally, Fenty Beauty and Rihanna were releasing these matte goodness! 

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks has 14 shades with really funky names. 
All moods, all skin tone, all day!: 
- Ma'Damn (Royal Red)
- Spanked (Dusty Rose)
- Candy Venom (Electric Pink)
- Saw-C (Exotic Tangerine)
- Up 2 No Good (Nude Peach)
- S1ngle (Blushing Nude)
- Freckle Fiesta (Spiced Terracotta)
- Shawty (Warm Chestnut)
- PMS (Moody Brown) -- (I almost chose this just so I can wear it during that time of the month. Haha.)
- Midnight Wasabi (Wicked Green)
- Ya Dig?! (Periwinkle Blue)
- Clapback (True Navy)
- One of the Boyz (Wild Lilac)
- Griselda (Bold Burgundy)

Rihanna loves changing up her lipstick depending on her current mood, so she wanted to create a lipstick collection that would empower everyone to explore new looks. She hand-picked the range of 14 shades that anyone can pull off, with shade names that embody the personality of each color.

My 2017 Favorite Lippies + Christmas Haul

My 2017 Favorite Lippies
Okay, so my New Year's Resolution is to NOT BUY A MAC Lipstick for the whole year. Literally 90% (or more) of my lipstick purchases are from MAC. What the hell? I should've called myself "MAC Monster" instead. Lol. I'm not the type of beauty junkie who purchases the whole lipstick collection just to swatch and post everything. I just pick one or two shades that I know I will use and I'll judge the whole collection based on the formulation of that particular shade. (More like a budget-conscious junkie pala. Hehe) Obviously, I can't get over my favorite formulation from MAC which is the Amplified Creme. It's just the formula for my lips. I have fine lines so I need the hydration, but I'm obsessed about full lip coverage. 

(L-R) MAC Chatterbox, Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Punch Pop, MAC Rebel, MAC Cockney, MAC Pink Nouveau 
(My arm looks like a leg. Dafuq?)

I keep on repurchasing MAC Chatterbox (on my third tube already) because it's my comfort zone. I swipe it on my lips, and it's just me. It will always be that one lipstick that will never leave my bag. MAC Please Me (not in the swatch photo) is the other all-time favorite of mine. I always wear it whenever I'm wearing a bomb smokey-eye or when I'm going somewhere that I know I will take a lot of photos. Those two MAC shades will always be my staple tubes that I'll keep on repurchasing until I can't wear lipsticks anymore.