Why are we all here anyways? I don't know either, but what I know for sure is that we're just here for a matter of time. We shall all pass and decay like a worm or like a cat rotting in a forrest with all the maggots on its face, eating its flesh away for all eternity. BUT I have a good news for you! We can make our stay here on Earth worth while. HOW? By living a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle. I won't explain every fucking detail, just google them yourselves. The first step is not using plastic straws, and bringing your own eco bags instead of purchasing a plastic bag whenever you make a purchase or do groceries. With these simple habits, you can minimize your ecological footprint while you're still alive, and not being eaten by maggots yet.

Together, we'll help the next generation see the beauty of our nature without all the pollution and dead Turtles (because they choked on the last straw that you used once in Starbucks). Yeah honestly, I just learned all these things recently myself. I didn't know that buying plastic bottles and using plastic straws affects the nature as much as I can imagine. Seriously, we all need a lifestyle change now.

Anyway, thank you for reading this. I hope you learned a thing or two. I just don't want the last year of my purchased domain to go to waste, so I thought I'll just put this here to at least raise awareness. Also, if you'd like to donate to children with needs you can search for Project Grace on Facebook.

Helping our nature is great. Helping other people is even better. And maybe (just maybe) that's why you're here.

- Krisella A. Chua