April 16, 2014

I Won Project Vanity's Lipstick Confidential Game

Since it's holy week and I declared a blogging hiatus before this week started, I'll just post this quick one about the loot that came in my mail today. Three weeks ago, I joined Project Vanity's Lipstick Confidential Game wherein we had to guess how many lipstick Ms. Liz have. It was so much fun trying to count all those lippies she have on her stash. I ended up guessing a total of 130 and the correct answer is 131! Yay! I answered the closest number so I won the loot! I am indeed the Lippie Monster with the lipstick radar. Lol. Anyway, here are the stuffs that I got.

Beauty UK Lipsticks in Plumalicious, Sunset, Son of a Peach and Pink My Ride

Beauty UK Lip Vinyls in Pure Pasha and Ibiza

Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipsticks in Bellissima, Naked Peach and Queen Bee

Rose Body Lotion and Rose Body Wash

Sling Bag and Coin Purse

Again, thank you so much Ms. Liz Lanuzo for this loot. Have a blessed holy week everyone and enjoy your vacation. :)

April 11, 2014

Project Pie Eastwood City: Friday Foodie

Okay so this picture reminds me so much about my long Ombre hair and my AWESOME Project Pie experience. It was a Wednesday night two weeks ago when my husband and I decided to catch the last full show of Captain America at Eastwood City. Having more than an hour of idle time, we decided to eat somewhere for dinner and we noticed that Project Pie is still open. They were supposed to close at 11 PM but they still accommodated us as their last customer for the night. Yay for Project Pie! :)

April 8, 2014

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quad in Velvet Crush

Last week, I did my sister's makeup on her graduation day. (Congratulations to my Engineer sister by the way who graduated with a degree in B.S. Civil Engineering! YAY! #proudsister) My mom asked me to do her eye makeup as well and gave me this eyeshadow quad from Maybelline. It is common knowledge here in this blog that I love Maybelline products specially their powder and foundations. This is honestly the first eyeshadow that I tried from the brand. I am not sure if it's because I'm not an eyeshadow person or I just don't find their quads interesting.

I was first intimidated by the Purple and Lilac shades because I have always believed in the power of neutral tones in terms of eyeshadows and Gold was the loudest I wore so far.

What I like
This Maybelline eyeshadow quad is really cheap for just less than $5. For that price, I can't complain about the packaging being so flimsy and the applicator which is really useless. I also love the fact that it included the labels for each piece, though you should not limit yourself with the labels just because it says it's for the lid or for the crease. Another thing is the application direction on the back of the quad. It states a step-by-step instruction on how to apply it. If you're not that familiar with applying eyeshadow, this will be really helpful.

A Rant for Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen

This is the worst eyeliner I've tried so far. I honestly didn't see this coming since I trusted the brand too much I was sold with the name itself. When you're looking for a liquid eyeliner, you have to go for the one that offers pigmentation and staying power. This has neither.

It's such a shame I even proudly posted this in my haul post three weeks ago just to discover that it doesn't live up my expectations. I can't believe I spent Php 575 pesos for this. 

April 7, 2014

Shiseido Lacquer Gloss in Baby Doll PK 304

Finally, I am starting to love this summer season. I just came back from our company's Summer Team Building with an LSS for M.I.A's Y.A.L.A. and uneven nose tan. Speaking of summer, I got this lacquer gloss from Shiseido last Friday as a token for attending their first International Beauty Fair. It is a perfect summer shade that is non-drying and hydrating.